The Present… Flipping the clock. Marketing is easiest when the product is in a new category.


Sometimes it’s easiest to put a twist on something and then the marketing happens on its own. Creating something new, something with a twist can give it the pull it needs in the marketplace… Simply because the product is unique – a remix.

It can claim an entirely new space – a blue ocean (as Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim put it).

It’s not new news and you may have seen this product already, but when I think of finding a new category, I think of this.

Here, a clock is flipped – from one day to one year per rotation:

Here is the Kickstarter:

No, you don’t want to go out and create a clock like this, you want to borrow the idea, switch something from what we know and understand, one leap past. You may just create something with a shot of marketing itself (or close to).

Jibo – Marketing launch in the style of Kickstarter campaign.

Jibo - The World’s First Family Robot

Jibo  The World’s First Family Robot

In the style of a kickstarter campaign, Cynthia Breazeal is bringing Jibo to the masses.  If you’re into marketing, you’ll quickly realize that this campaign style and marketing closely resembles a kickstarted campaign.  It looks like a highly effective way to get their vision some attention and pre-orders.  Best of luck to all involved and a nod on the quality and choice of marketing style.  Great launch IMO.

Are product launches in the style of kickstarter going to be the new standard?

Partnering with name brands – Well Done Cross-promotion… #branding


Take a look at this potato chip display.  I wasn’t familiar with Herr’s so I looked up their history

Seems that this company has had a good run, but has more of a regional business.  I somewhat figured this when I saw the display, but noticed the packaging right away.  This partnership with major companies here is impressive as is the tie-ins to summer as well as the impact of the package design.

I imagine that it was difficult for them to put together such a partnership in the first place – so kudos to Herr’s for that alone.  What I see here with the design and integration into summer products was a complete marketing win in my book!


Marketing win: partnering with name brands done with excellence.