Jay Moneta

Jay Moneta here!  I started MarketingAwesome.com and this site MarketingAwesomeBlog.com simply to share some marketing coolness!  I do small business marketing by day.  Branding strategies and marketing strategy is something I have a true passion for!

Everything started simply enough, just paying attention to different retail locations and store advertising.  I’d pick up on the good and the bad of how stores were organized and just how ads did or didn’t pull it off.  Can’t wait to share the marketing insight with you and thanks for the opportunity!  I’m on social media such as twitter.com/JayMoneta and facebook.com/JayMoneta and linkedin/in/JayMoneta as well.  Thanks!!!

Drummer, sound engineer, author, marketer.  Oh, and I’m almost as old as Tony Hawk which means I still skateboard and ride bikes and such, just without most of the extreme crashes.

My personal info is detailed more at MarketingAwesome.com

Thanks much and if you like the information here, please share it!  I’m just shootin’ straight with some free marketing and branding inspiration and could use all the help I can get.  Looking forward to collaborating with all the great marketers out there as well!

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