Marketing an Experience…

These guys are on to something and they know it. Freschetta knows that consumers want to associate a product with a feeling, an experience. This picture is so gripping.

It’s what we expect from pizza, and it’s what we love about pizza.

Of course, they have to follow it all up the amazing feeling by rescinding it with a disclaimer. Yes, your pizza is made by a machine, never touched by a hand. The truth is out and there actually is none of that magic in their product.

But it doesn’t matter… it’s too late. The association has been made. I guess the jokes on the consumer, because putting this picture on the pizza box has the desired effect, even if they don’t make it that way at all.


Greg Holden – She’s Got Something – Marketing Awesome – Great Product First.

Greg Holden – She’s Got Something – This song is a powerhouse. All the things that make a hit song are here – and more.

Lets take a look at the Themes:

Travel – longing for a distant land (powerfully emotional)

Love – Subtext of missing a girl (since city is named she which is punctuated by the ‘girl that got away’ lyric).

There’s just something about the magical possibilities the places we go to have.  The serendipity of it all (if you will).  The hope that a far off land will bring new good things is a very strong emotional concept.


Musically, this song gets into the vocals quickly.

Great storytelling in 1st verse.

The chorus is strong with killer harmony and hook.

Great little frilly turnaround, mellow 3rd verse.

Remarkable bridge because of catchy change of kadence and build to the ‘metal style’ guitar click click, and an ending that leaves you wanting more.


Ok, seriously, give it a few listens! When you create a good product, you never know what will happen. That’s really the point of it all!

In the end, this song was chosen for a Target commercial:

Amazing right?  A good product is noticed!

Partnering with name brands – Well Done Cross-promotion… #branding


Take a look at this potato chip display.  I wasn’t familiar with Herr’s so I looked up their history

Seems that this company has had a good run, but has more of a regional business.  I somewhat figured this when I saw the display, but noticed the packaging right away.  This partnership with major companies here is impressive as is the tie-ins to summer as well as the impact of the package design.

I imagine that it was difficult for them to put together such a partnership in the first place – so kudos to Herr’s for that alone.  What I see here with the design and integration into summer products was a complete marketing win in my book!


Marketing win: partnering with name brands done with excellence.