Marketing an Experience…

These guys are on to something and they know it. Freschetta knows that consumers want to associate a product with a feeling, an experience. This picture is so gripping.

It’s what we expect from pizza, and it’s what we love about pizza.

Of course, they have to follow it all up the amazing feeling by rescinding it with a disclaimer. Yes, your pizza is made by a machine, never touched by a hand. The truth is out and there actually is none of that magic in their product.

But it doesn’t matter… it’s too late. The association has been made. I guess the jokes on the consumer, because putting this picture on the pizza box has the desired effect, even if they don’t make it that way at all.


Professional Photography is Awesome Marketing – 3 Easy Cheats.

Better Photos

Better Photos

There’s a big difference between studio professional photos and the ones most of us shoot.  I’ve been working on high-end photos for some time and what I can tell you is that anyone can emulate professional photography – even with poor quality cameras.  This photo above was taken with natural light using an iphone 4.

Here’s 3 quick cheats.

1) Bag the flash – the harshness of the typical camera flash works only in limited situations.

2) Natural light – for quick nice photos, shoot just inside a window.  Avoid direct sun, you’re looking to have a diffused natural light, not direct light.

3) Get some gear – reflect light using reflectors or diffuse it with diffusers.  If you have fabric or cardboard, you can do this for free, but there are products that make it easy.  Here’s a lighting kit that can help you with smaller object photography take a look – studio lighting tent.

Ok, until next time.