Walmart Retail Signage Fail – Really? Do not try on condoms in stores…

How funny! Ok, so today in our feature called ‘Stupid Signs’ we have this…

Really?  Do not try on condoms in stores...

Apparently Walmart has bit of a problem in the condom isle with people trying on condoms before they buy them.

This sign is ridiculous though and shouldn’t be posted.  If it’s your job to post this sign, just do everyone a favor and ask the person who gave you the sign if people are trying on condoms in the aisles.

I have a pet peave about too many pointless signs everywhere and this is one doozy of a retail signage fail.

Using Humour in Your Favor – recycling notice helps marketing your ‘cool’ company vision.

Using Humour in Your Favor - recycling notice...

Although a bit campy, this funny recycling notice lightens the mood. Personally, I think it’s a bit odd to even use one at this point, but a nice touch none-the-less if you’re determined to include a recycling notice. Marketing is the support (the personal touches) that determine how your brand feels to the outside world.  This sends the message of a company willing to have some fun with it.

The New Way to Shop for Movies… Marketing is Strange.

Yes, there’s been another shift.  From movie theaters to the Beta vs. VHS wars of the 80’s, DVD vs. Blu-ray and now…

Walking into Target, taking a photo of the new releases and then using that consultation photo to assist me in renting the new releases on Amazon on demand for $5 streamed right to my TV.

DVD selection Target Marketing

The laziest and best way to double-check the best movies to rent!

It’s a totally lazy way to run my media viewing and it works pretty darn well. Try it! You completely avoid bending over to put the disc in too!

Just take a pic of the new releases when you’re in Target for other reasons.  Head home and then look a few of them up on your Amazon on demand setup.  I feel like I save $10 each time I rent a movie.

Setup: I use a ROKU box and because I am an Amazon Prime member, I have the Amazon channel setup along with Netflix (on demand only).

But, back to the photo and the plan… It’s like a second opinion.  In fact, it may be as good as a friend telling me I have to see something.  It’s Target marketing (pun intended).  It’s marketing awesome!  The thing is, it’s also a walking dinosaur so be kind to me in the comments 🙂

So, in full disclaimer, I have purchased hundreds of videos and DVD’s in the past and witnessed as the value went from $20 per to the garage sale value of $1. per DVD.  I’m done buying physical media.  In the past I HAD to own it.  Not anymore.

Ok, until next time!  Hope you see the humor in this, apologize if not 🙂