The New Way to Shop for Movies… Marketing is Strange.

Yes, there’s been another shift.  From movie theaters to the Beta vs. VHS wars of the 80’s, DVD vs. Blu-ray and now…

Walking into Target, taking a photo of the new releases and then using that consultation photo to assist me in renting the new releases on Amazon on demand for $5 streamed right to my TV.

DVD selection Target Marketing

The laziest and best way to double-check the best movies to rent!

It’s a totally lazy way to run my media viewing and it works pretty darn well. Try it! You completely avoid bending over to put the disc in too!

Just take a pic of the new releases when you’re in Target for other reasons.  Head home and then look a few of them up on your Amazon on demand setup.  I feel like I save $10 each time I rent a movie.

Setup: I use a ROKU box and because I am an Amazon Prime member, I have the Amazon channel setup along with Netflix (on demand only).

But, back to the photo and the plan… It’s like a second opinion.  In fact, it may be as good as a friend telling me I have to see something.  It’s Target marketing (pun intended).  It’s marketing awesome!  The thing is, it’s also a walking dinosaur so be kind to me in the comments 🙂

So, in full disclaimer, I have purchased hundreds of videos and DVD’s in the past and witnessed as the value went from $20 per to the garage sale value of $1. per DVD.  I’m done buying physical media.  In the past I HAD to own it.  Not anymore.

Ok, until next time!  Hope you see the humor in this, apologize if not 🙂

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