The Senses – Using Lighting to Improve Branding

The Senses - Using Lighting to Improve Your Marketing

The customer experience is everything when it comes to branding. What better way is there than to use visual elements to make your message pop, add contrast, create excitement, stimulate our brains with color, or offer a photo op, etc?

Lighting brings attention to objects purposefully, while others can fall gracefully into shadow.

Is there anything you can visually improve today using lighting?

Walmart Retail Signage Fail – Really? Do not try on condoms in stores…

How funny! Ok, so today in our feature called ‘Stupid Signs’ we have this…

Really?  Do not try on condoms in stores...

Apparently Walmart has bit of a problem in the condom isle with people trying on condoms before they buy them.

This sign is ridiculous though and shouldn’t be posted.  If it’s your job to post this sign, just do everyone a favor and ask the person who gave you the sign if people are trying on condoms in the aisles.

I have a pet peave about too many pointless signs everywhere and this is one doozy of a retail signage fail.