Big Companies, Small Town Marketing… Mass produced Niche Products:

This certainly looks like it's not mass produced.

This certainly looks like it’s not mass produced.

Here’s how it works…

Small local company produces something cool and markets it.  It’s something natural.  A niche product with hometown packaging and labeling.  I’ve noticed a lot of craft paper, cardboard boxes, handwritten labels, string, wood tones, ball jelly jars and thick natural paper.

When it gets enough attention, big companies see these niche products and copy them.  Well, it’s the nature of things go I suppose.

We need to be able to distinguish the small and niche from the mass produced but for now, we’ll have to just be aware that some mass produced products are just mass produced products in disguise.  They may be better than the other more typical products from these producers, still, it’s a replica – not an original.

What do you think?

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