Creative Advertising Examples – Creative Advertisements

From time to time, you’ll want to be reminded of some creative things being done in the world of advertising.  I looked at these the other day when searching for a few marketing ideas.  What I found was incredible.  Through my day-to-day work, I rarely see ads like this.  They somewhat turn the tables on what people expect.  They are outside the box.

Once I saw them, I was more able to think differently after seeing the creativity!

creative advertising examples

Talk about creative! A shadow of a tree that’s not there!


creative advertising examples

Although, not for everyone this item replaces a printed item with a real life one. Clever.


creative advertising examples

Who wouldn’t want to break the glass! Oh wait, you can’t. Point taken!


creative advertising examples

This is just cool.


creative advertising examples

This sets a warm tone but it’s still the same bus stop. Wow!


creative advertising examples

Talk about flexibility! This one is amazing!


creative advertising examples

Playing with visuals. What a photo op!


creative advertising examples

Message is so powerful. May not be a practical ad but it’s remarkable.


creative advertising examples

Save water!


creative advertising examples

Grim! Like the following example, I don’t condone marketing with fear but hey, this is cool in it’s own way.


creative advertising examples

This is grim and scary. I don’t think fear is the best way to market but it sure is powerful.

Here are some links you have to see:

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What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Ok, until next time!

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