Professional Photography is Awesome Marketing – 3 Easy Cheats.

Better Photos

Better Photos

There’s a big difference between studio professional photos and the ones most of us shoot.  I’ve been working on high-end photos for some time and what I can tell you is that anyone can emulate professional photography – even with poor quality cameras.  This photo above was taken with natural light using an iphone 4.

Here’s 3 quick cheats.

1) Bag the flash – the harshness of the typical camera flash works only in limited situations.

2) Natural light – for quick nice photos, shoot just inside a window.  Avoid direct sun, you’re looking to have a diffused natural light, not direct light.

3) Get some gear – reflect light using reflectors or diffuse it with diffusers.  If you have fabric or cardboard, you can do this for free, but there are products that make it easy.  Here’s a lighting kit that can help you with smaller object photography take a look – studio lighting tent.

Ok, until next time.


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