Seth Godin – Linchpin – A Book that Could Change Your Life

Are you unsure of what you are becoming or want to be?  Feeling like everyone else has it all figured out and you don’t?

I certainly had my share of confused thoughts and ‘Linchpin’ by Seth Godin changed that for me.  This is no joke and I am not just recommending books for the heck of it!

I realized through the book that I was always looking for one thing I could do that would work for me like being a dentist or something that just fits and has an easy plan.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it.  As a result I felt strange about my mission and goals. Turns out it’s ok and this book explains why.

Linchpin lets you know that it’s not only acceptable, but advantageous to be an outside the box thinker, a creator, a leader.  You don’t have to be a ‘cog in the machine’.

Here’s the Linchpin book at Amazon (affiliate link).  You’ll want to check this out!  It is a game changer!

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