Clever and Creative Shopping Bag Designs

Look what can be done with a bit of creativity! 

Take a simple shopping bag.  Then, look at the images and follow the links.

creative shopping bag design

Here, a heavy object that would normally have a handle is pictured. Talk about a clever shopping bag design!

A bit of cleverness and creativity leads to some pretty interesting combinations.

The cool thing about this is you can always do a print run of bags and run out never to print them again if you don’t like em.

On the flip side, you have an opportunity to give customers something to talk about.  Hopefully they already want to talk about the amazing experience of the store, now they want to share about the bag too!

creative shopping bag design

Again, heavy object, fun shopping bag.

creative shopping bag design

Holding hands, good concept especially here where folks don’t get to hold wild animals hands but would like to.

creative shopping bag design

Holding hands again, cool concept.

creative shopping bag design

Jump rope works.

creative shopping bag design

This one cracks me up. Doesn’t make a bit of sense until you hold it up and walk with it.

Follow the links for a bunch more creative shopping bag ideas that will get you thinking!

20 smart shopping bag designs

50 most innovative shopping bags

Look at the Magic-i Floating Shopping Bag at the bottom of this clever and creative shopping bags post.

Ok, until next time!

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