This is cool. Abandoned Shopping Cart Email

Abandoned shopping cart email

So, when you abandon an online shopping cart, you either forget to finish your purchase or decided that the time was not right for you to complete the purchase.  Hey, I thought of this many years ago as I’m certain you have as well but Sam’s club just reminded me that I abandoned my purchase.  They used an email to offer help and assistance to me so I could finish the transaction or get help.  Nice of them right?

If I was in a grumpy mood, it may not have been so cool, but I was in the mood for it and so I thought I would pass it on as awesome marketing.

The statistics would show more purchases because of this technology.  It’s not a guess.  If you have enough transactions, the cost is negligible. If you have the ability to build it, I would suggest doing so.  The email sends later on won’t cost anything so it’s just that one-time technology integration.

Ok, until next time!


marketing awesome

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