Seth Godin Action Figure! That’s Marketing Awesome!

Seth Godin Action Figure

Seth Godin Action Figure – Now that’s marketing awesome!

I am a big fan of Seth Godin, so when I got word that the remaining stock of Seth Godin action figures was up for sale, I jumped at the opportunity.  If you’re not familiar with Seth Godin, checkout his website.  He’s a marketing genius and a very successful author.  In recent books, he’s helped me realize that the way I am (not suited for being a cog in a machine) is alright.  Hopefully I get to share the full story on that some day.  Regardless, if you think this blog is anything in comparison, it’s not.  You really have to see his stuff to believe it!  Seth Godin direct link

Although I have the link for you to buy the Seth Godin action figure, you need to know that his stuff sells out pretty quick so this link may become dead or out of stock soon.  Seth Godin action figure

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