The Zara brand effect – Marketing Without Advertising…

Want to take this opportunity to pass on this post.  I found it incredibly interesting.

Zara Branding and Marketing Strategy

Zara Branding and Marketing Strategy ‘Devastating’

Although I’ve no experience with the brand, my suspicions tell me I will have first-hand knowledge soon enough.

 This brand seems to embody the branding and marketing strategy that in the articles words is ‘devastating’ to competitors. You need to see this!

So, on a personal note, my fundraising business has grown without the need for advertising as well so there are some parallels, but don’t read into that too much as we’re presently in 1 country, not 78.

What I find most interesting is how critical the experience this store offers is to it’s success.  So much so that there is no need for them to advertise.  Now, that’s amazing branding strategy!

Take a look and let me know what you think!

The Zara brand effect

Ok, until next time!

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